• MRS 2017

    MRS: Impact of Materials on Society (IMOS) - Rare Earth Elements

    Rare earth elements are a class of materials that when alloyed or mixed with other elements can offer a range of fascinating property changes from fluorescence to increased magnetism. Many of the modern sustainable systems like windmills, electric vehicles and LED lighting rely on rare earth elements. However political challenges with where these materials are mined continue to be a concern for these critical materials.
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    GEO-LOGYK : Les Terres Rares, la nouvelle ruée vers l'or

    Not long ago, if you had stopped me on the street and told me there was an interesting 60 Minutes story to be told about the lanthanide series of rare earth elements, I would have said you're crazy. CBS featured a segment on the importance of rare earth elements and underscored the need to ensure a domestic supply chain of these critical minerals moving forward.
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  • BBC 2017

    What are the Rare Earth Elements?

    What do cars precision-guided missiles and the television you're watching right now have in common? They all depend on something called rare earth elements, unusual metals that are sprinkled inside almost every piece of high-tech you can think of. Most people have never heard of them. But we have become so reliant on rare earths that a few years ago, an intense global power struggle broke out over their free flow.
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